July 01, 2012

Come alive

We are never happy with what we have.

I'm a brunette, I wanted to be blonde or redheaded for most of my life.
I have straight hair, I want it to be curly. 
I have brown eyes, I wanted blue ones.
I want to be thinner, I want a nicer room, I want more girlfriends, I want more freedom, I want a car, I want a tattoo, I want to play an instrument, I want to travel every year, I want to make more money and work less, I want, I want.. I want...

We all want so many things that we can't have. Or at least, that's what we think. We all wanted to date that cute and sweet guy but never even made a move because we thought "there's no way..." We all wanted to get something done but we lacked motivation.
Granted, there are some things that we can't control... But out of all the things I mentioned, I could do something to change every single one of them.

I could dye my hair, I could get a perm, I could wear colored lenses, I could workout, I could redecorate, I could go out more and meet new people, I could talk to my mom to give me more space, I could save up and buy a car, I could just go to that tattoo parlor, I could sit my ass down and learn to play the freakin' piano, I could save and travel instead of spending on the spot, I could find a better job, I could, I could.. I could... I can.

This is actually really not what I was planning on writing, but my hands took over and this is the result.
It's probably because of the song that's stuck in my head, which is "Hit the Lights" by Selena Gomez.  
I think it ties into what I mean pretty well...

Before leaving you with that, all I want to say is you are the one who has the most control over your life. Carpe diem.
Seize the day.

May 25, 2012

Here comes the sunshine...

Today, I had a massive reality check.

As you might have read earlier, I felt like I was having a pretty shitty last couple of weeks.
The breakup has really been hard to handle and any other obstacle I was faced with seemed to be like a mountain.

Well you know what? I just realized all of this is ridiculous.
I mean, yeah, breaking up with my ex and seeing how awful he's feeling now makes me really sad and I wish I could help.
But I realized that life is short, and it's worth living to the fullest. If you ask me now, I'll say that there's no point in dwelling on the past and being all depressed about something you can't do anything about.
You either seize the day, seize the opportunity to improve your situation, or you let it go.
Right now, there is not much I can do to help my ex, as a matter of fact, I'm probably gonna do him more harm if I try.
Therefore, dwelling on the pain and sorrow I feel is unnecessary.
"Live life as a work of art". It's the sentence I wanted to tattoo on my ribs... Heck, crying and being all depressed 'cause no one is texting or calling me is not what I had in mind when I thought of that sentence. So instead, I could either call or text someone, or try to have a good time by myself. And so I went out and had a blast with my brother.

I'm not being selfish, I'm being realistic. I believe happiness is a choice you make. You either choose to see things in a certain way, or you don't. Until recently, I was seeing everything in grey. But I realized through something my dad once told me, which is "Life is beautiful if you look at it through the right pair of glasses," that you can choose to see things a different way. So, I've decided that it's time for me to see things in a brighter light. Besides, I have many positive things in my life, despite the negatives. I should be grateful for the nice things surrounding me.
However, I truly and genuinely hope that my ex will feel better soon and that he will see the light. I care for him dearly and I'm looking forward to the moment we will be able to be friends again.

Sending a happy, positive thought to whoever's who's reading,
Alexx -xox-

Try It On: Rihanna

I decided to start this new capsule called "Try It On" where I re-create makeup looks from celebs, either videos, movies, red carpets, you name it.
The first one I chose to do is Rihanna's look in her video for "Where Have You Been", 'cause the song is stuck in my head and I liked her makeup in this video.
Here's the picture I used for inspiration:

And, here are a few shots of my take on this look!

Let me know what you guys think! If you have any suggestions of looks I should try out, leave them in the comments below or on Twitter!

May 12, 2012

Back in action!

So, I haven't written in ages...
My life has been a pretty crazy rollercoaster during the past weeks.
I had a hectic semester at school, with endless research papers, exams and projects piling up non-stop.
Now that it is finally over, another huge thing happened in my life: I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 and a half years.
The reasons behind my decision only regard him and I, but it has been a pretty hard week.
I've been having terrible mood swings. I lost at least 8 pounds in a week because I couldn't eat, I felt nauseous all the time. Like my friend put it, going through a breakup after so long is almost like going through withdrawal from a drug. Having this person in your life all the time and suddenly not takes a toll on your mind, but your body as well.
Anyways, I wanted to let you all know that I will slowly be getting back into things...
Among other things, I have a cruise-party coming soon and I will probably blog about that. I also have a long Summer ahead, so I promise I won't go M.I.A. again!

Encouraging you to keep eating and taking care of yourself after a hard breakup,
Alexx :)

March 07, 2012

Let's get philosophical

Live Life as a Work of Art
I was in my history class and my teacher was talking about an Italian philosopher who said this during the Renaissance. 
For some reason, this quote spoke so much to me and I felt really drawn to it.

It's true, when you think about it, it's rare that we look at somebody's life and think "Wow... that is a great life."
Obviously, there are and always will be bad moments. What can be different is how much importance we give to that negative event and how we view it. 
If something bad happens, the more we think about it, the more it seems to become worse. If we try to look at the good side of things, or at least look at them realistically, and try to brush them off while learning from them, life doesn't seem so bad after all.

Not only does this quote remind me that it's important to be realistic and positive, it also reminds me that we need to give life a try. What I mean by that is give everything you want a try! Too often I've heard elderly people complain that they would've tried this, or done this differently. 
I find that having regrets when growing old seems like the worst feeling. This quote made me realize that it's so important to try things out, even if you're scared or unsure. 
Chances are, you'll learn something from it, or even better, you'll discover that you enjoy it. 

Finally, "a great life" may not be the same to you as it is to me. We all have different ambitions and preferences. I think what's important is to make the best of it FOR YOU.

I want to see my life as a work of art when I grow old. I want to look back and think "Yep, nothing can be perfect, but this sure was a great ride." I want to look at things realistically, and hopefully have less sad moments than happy ones. I want to be the best I can be.

Sorry for this urge of philosophy that I had to express.
I hope that it got you thinking about your life too.


♥ Journey To Healthy Update
Last week was not so great for some odd reason. I did stay of track nutrition-wise, although I binged a little too much on chocolate.
I didn't work out at all, though. I was lacking the motivation, but I was pretty active in the sense that I was not a couch potato all week. 
This week, I gotta step my game up. Today I was sick, so my week is kinda out of balance right now. I plan on getting my 3 workouts done and on eating my fruits and veggies excluding today. I also want to limit myself to 2 portions of chocolate per day. We'll see how that goes!

xox :)